Frequently Asked Questions

Which Social Media Networks are Covered?

Facebook and Instagram are the two main social media networks that will be curated in your package. Other options like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapc hat are available by request.

Do I have to Provide the Content for Social Media?

No, we will do all the work in gathering up information and creating custom advertisement campaigns to suite your goals. We will also incorporate professional photography at no additional cost.

Do you handle GrubHub and other Third-Party Vendors?

Yes! We handle customer relations, uploading of pictures, adding descriptions, menu updates and improvements to your modifer options for all applicable third party vendors, including Clover, Square and other Point of Sale terminals.

Do you offer a trial?

We do offer a 14-Day trial for $100. This includes Search Engine Optimization, One Photography session, and four Advertisments for Facebook and Instagram.